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If you’re on Twitter, I’m using the hashtag #50photos50years

Yesterday I wrote on my blog about my intent to blog about and post iPhone photos for my project titled, 50 Photos 50 Years : iPhoneography and also yesterday, April 13th, my 50th birthday, I wrote on my Brenda Johima Art and Photography FaceBook page :

Starting 50 iPhone Photos over 50 days to celebrate my 50 years on this amazing beautiful planet:) #iPhoneography They will all be posted right here and on my blog. Stay Tuned.

Although I have been thinking of ways to celebrate my 50 years living on this planet, in part I have been inspired by (and am following) Alexandra Samuel, who is soon to celebrate her 40 years, and is posting daily, 40 blog posts for her 40th birthday which “tackle one key technological innovation for each year in the past 40 years”

My initial project idea was to photograph 50 dogs at the same time for my 50th birthday but, with a long story made short, that didn’t work out for a few reasons and I cancelled the event. I have another 50 doggie phoDOGraphy secret session up my sleeve, so stay tuned, that one is just postponed, to emerge in a new form in the future. I’m happy with my decision to cancel the original event.

My goal with these iPhone images, is part celebration, part expression via the art of 50 days, but also to discipline myself, to take one iPhone photo every single day for 50 days, and write about it, and on the many days that I take way more than that, then the creative process becomes a selection process. Also, my goal is to inspire others to simply take images, get out with a camera, any camera, and take pictures. My 50 photos 50 days … It Will Be FUN! LOVE iPhoneography!

So here is Number 1 in my new iPhoneography series: (was busy celebrating yesterday, so I’m one day late in posting this image)

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written Permission

We all have romantic ideas of what you are “supposed” to do on your 50th birthday, likely something wild and crazy and massively successfully popular with a gazillion friends and vacations and who knows what else society expects one to do on their 50th, but where did I end up? (*remember I live rural, Fanny Bay population estimated at about 760 or so)

Right around the corner from my house, at the Fanny Bay Inn with my neighbours. It was FUN, fantastic, spontaneous, lots of laughs good for the soul, and I felt loved and cared about. What more could one ask for? Simple.

So the image is an iPhone image of the sign on the building, post-processed using Instagram.


~ Brenda Johima ~


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