It was hard to choose a photo today. It’s raining, raining, raining, and cold, cold cold.

Spring is here one day, then it’s freezing the next. So what could I possibly photograph on my iPhone today? My wood stove fire on April 20th! This is an iPhone photograph and part of my 50th birthday project, 50 Photos 50 Years : Number 8

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written Permission

P.S. This is the very first one of my iPhone photos which I just HAD to add a little Photoshop. The iPhone 3G is really a crappy camera, and I have had tremendous success in turning all of my previous images into art, via photo apps, however, in low light situations, where this image was taken, the perfectionist in me just could not stand the high level of noise, so I did smooth it out slightly, and reduce noise. So for the purist iPhoneographers out there (like me) yep, I broke my own law today and added a touch of Photoshop (noise reduction only).

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