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On November 8, 2017, in BLOG, by brendajohima

So how is it going, blogging every day? (she laughs to herself)

It is going exactly as I expected. Committing to writing, blogging, composing, crafting and publishing a blog post a day isn’t easy and I did not succeed. I applaud full-time bloggers who write for a living and create original content each and every single day, day after day. I have tried this before and quit, many times. What is different this time? I am committed to keep on doing it and to keep on trying. I fell off track and here I am back at it again. Yay! Me.

Writing and publishing something, even if only a few words, a poem or a photo, each and every single day is a good daily practice, IF one does it for oneself, for healing, learning, self-awareness and personal growth. Hopefully the spinoff over time is, you get to help other people in the process.

Add writing and blogging to the daily practice of exercise, eating healthy, meditation, breath work, stretching and taking photos … what an amazing life it will be.

For now, I write for myself, because as Seth Godin says, there is nothing to fear, because in the beginning, nobody is reading you anyway 🙂

Put it out there, jump.
Just Be Brave.

Always Love,


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