Can’t Change It

On October 30, 2017, in BLOG, by brendajohima

Maybe I need to reconsider acceptance, which I wrote about yesterday and as soon as I wrote the words, I knew my brain may be tricking me. As soon as I clicked publish, I knew my brain may be playing tricks on me.

Accepting the things from our past that we can’t change, like a health diagnosis for example, may not be easy, but may be necessary.

I thought about deleting my post from yesterday but instead, it’s better to keep learning instead and to keep on moving forward.

Make any sense?

Here’s what I mean, as Mel Robbins speaks about acceptance and Hal Elrod and his “5 Minute Rule” and his thoughts on “accept all things you can’t change” and his tool that he uses when “you can’t change it.”

Have a listen:

“You Can’t Change It.”

Always Love,



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