Intentional Camera Movement

On November 6, 2017, in BLOG, by brendajohima

Think like a painter.

I do.

I was a painter first, a photographer second. Photography came much later after painting. Or did it?

When I look back in old photo albums, I took a lot of photos as a young girl, and almost all photos were of of wildlife (zoo) and animals and pets. Rarely would you see a human being in my photos. (not much has changed) .:: but I guess you could say that photography came first then? Who knows.

I remember finding an Kodak Instamatic 110 camera, and that was my camera for a long long time. Loved it! I’ve often thought of buying one again just for fun.

Long story short, forward a gazillion years, and I began painting.

No photography happened for a long time, as far as I can remember.

I painted my own line of simple greeting cards. Then much later I went to fine art and design school as became and abstract painter.

I was highly allergic to darkroom chemicals so couldn’t even set foot in the darkroom at school. Photography had to take a backseat until Digital came around.

Now I couldn’t be happier! Digital cameras have freed me to be able to express with photography, but after painting, my way of seeing changed along with my way of feeling.

I saw and felt everything through the lens of a painter, and my abstract paintings were fuelled by my prior music background. Music could always be seen in my paintings somehow, whether literally or through motion, movement.

So when I learned about intentional camera movement, it was a perfect fit; combining the feeling of playing music, with seeing though the lens as a painter, then expressing it all through my camera (and iPhone)

I will write more about my love of the abstract in photography and how intentional camera movement / motion plays such a huge part in my photography and healing.

Until then, enjoy one from the archives, this image was made in 2011 via iPhone, using the technique of intentional camera movement. (this image also seems fitting, with all of our beautiful fall colors right now)

Always Love,



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