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I’m an iPhoneographer 🙂 So, what is iPhoneography?

iPhoneography? What is it?

I consider myself a purist. If I use the words iPhoneography or iPhoneographer on my website, what it means to me, is that everything from capture of the image, to all the post-processing, has been done using only an iPhone (Apple) cell phone camera, plus a variety of in-camera (in-phone) applications.

There are other iPhone photographers who describe iPhoneography as any iPhone photograph, which may include post-processing with other applications like Photoshop, as long as the image was initially photographed with an Apple iPhone camera.

On my website and blog, if I call it iPhone photography, or iPhone Art, it’s possible that I created it all using only the iPhone camera, but more likely, I have included Photoshop, Aperture or some other image manipulation program during the post-processing of each photograph.

Admittedly, it can get a bit silly … the debates around iPhone photography. There are purist photographers who argue that iPhone photography really is not even photography at all.

Bottom line for me is, iPhone Photography IS Photography, and all the elements of fine art and design apply first, in order to create a work of art, a great photograph.

So, one must take a good photograph first, and then apply apps if needed, after the fact. A friend described the process of creating art as “Beauty In, Beauty Out” rather than “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”

Throughout my blog you will find iPhone photos. You can search “50 Photos 50 Years” (for my 50th Birthday iPhone Project) or iPhoneography, iPhone Art, iPhone Photography in the right hand column. I LOVE this medium. It is a fantastic tool for having creativity right in your pocket at all times, for every occasion, and you can usually photograph, in almost every situation, at almost any location.

And YES! I teach iPhone Photography Workshops!

YES! I am available for public speaking engagements on the topic of iPhoneography for personal expression and also for Business Marketing via Social Media.

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