LOVE. I cannot think of any ONE thing (for me) that fuels creativity, and moves it into a new direction, other than LOVE.

With love, paintings explode with color.

With love, our energy increases. With love, your vibrational frequency is higher, attracting new and exciting people, who are in sync with your vision.

With love, you want to sing. With love, you want to dance and to move, and to run, as we were born to do. With love, you “see” different images when behind the lens of a camera. With love, your brain begins to think new thoughts, to stretch out of its confines, and you dream new ideas.

With love, you believe that many more things than you thought yesterday, are possible today. With love, you take chances, you take more risks.

With love, your comfort zone disappears, and that’s always a good thing. All of a sudden your life has changed and you’ve shifted directions. WOW. Creativity is fueled by LOVE. So here is my quote of the day (*I love writing them*) :

“If you are not feeling LOVE right now, no matter what is going on in your world, stretch yourself. It’s a big part of the creative process in being an artist, a creative. LOVE fuels great work. Passion fuels great works of art. Feeling LOVE always touches an audience, reaches the hearts of your viewers, your listeners, your readers.” ~Brenda Johima~

Resist it, or use it. Be afraid of it, or feel it as deeply as possible. It’s a choice. You want to be creative? You already are. You want to shift your creativity into a new direction? LOVE is waiting right there for you, to listen. It’s either whispering or yelling. Grasp hold, and hold on for dear life, and run with it for as long as you can. This is what we are here for. Yes, it’s that simple.

Brenda Johima


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