Say NOtoCoal on Vancouver Island

On January 23, 2012, in BLOG, by brendajohima

I live in the beautiful Comox Valley, in Fanny Bay, on Vancouver Island and rarely take a stance on political issues on my blog … I prefer to keep the focus on my art and photography … however, as this proposed Coal Mine will be minutes from my door, I do want to say that I am 100% opposed to a coal mine on Vancouver Island. There are newer, greener technologies available at this time and there is no need for a coal mine now, or anytime in our future on this planet.

The damage to our health, our drinking water, the very air we breathe is at risk … as well as our ocean, the sensitive ecosystem, the fish, the wild salmon, the birds, the wildlife … as is the very beauty that inspires artists and photographers to create their works on this paradise we live in, called Vancouver Island.

Say NO to Coal

FREEBIE !! … I feel so strongly about NO Coal Mine in the Comox Valley and on Vancouver Island, I created this. Say “NOtoCoal

Please share it, use it, put it on your Facebook profile or business page, share via other social networks and/or your website/blog … please spread it and help STOP this proposed Coal Mine. In addition to the damage it will do to our environment and the beauty that surrounds us on Vancouver Island, coal is a known carcinogen.

More info. here : and here : Solidarity not Compliance

** P.S. If you want to download (and please do), the LARGE full resolution image file, over 2+ MB, I want to provide the highest quality possible. ** … you can download here at any of these places  :

Brenda.Johima.Creative on Facebook
Brenda Johima on Flickr
Brenda Johima on Google+

(the above image is an almost full resolution image from my iPhone … created entirely using an iPhone 4s) … please use the high resolution images from the links above if you can … and if you are able to please credit “Brenda Johima” that would be lovely but not crucial … I just want the word out …

Thank you for your support on this issue that will affect not only those living in Fanny Bay, and in the Comox Valley, but it will affect every one of us on Vancouver Island, including tourists in future.

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