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Hi Comox Valley, it’s me, Brenda Johima, and one person can make a difference by being an instigator … AND, it’s far better when one person doesn’t try to do it alone 🙂 People need more food at this time of year, and I’m going to try to help out, via Twitter and a TweetUp! And I’d like your help 🙂

“One person can make a difference by being an instigator, but not so much by trying to do it all alone.” ~Brenda Johima~

BTW, I’m @brendajohima on Twitter.

So .. I’m asking all 380+ of us on Twitter in the Comox Valley to help out, pitch in, and join in the 3rd Comox Valley TweetUp! for a cause … for the local Comox Valley FOOD Bank.

A TweetUp is a FREE community event, AND this time, we have special guests from Victoria, Paul Holmes and his wife Katharine Holmes joining us, AND, we are going to help out the local Comox Valley FOOD Bank at the same time, look at some great ART work, while engaging and building community. WOW!

So, I just spoke with Sue at the Comox Valley Food Bank, and there are certain items they purchase on a regular basis. AND, there are things they do not purchase and really need. Here’s what you could do to help at the TweetUp! :

  1. If you are in need, or can’t/don’t choose to donate anything, that is TOTALLY fine, nobody will know 🙂 Please just come to the TweetUp! anyway We (and I) want you there. It’s all about community, conversation, taking online, offline … and FUN.
  2. If you wish to donate money, a cheque can be made out to “Comox Valley Food Bank Society” and I will make sure it is delivered along with any food donations we receive.
  3. Please bring non-perishable food items, and I will personally deliver them to the FOOD Bank after the event. And as you can see from the list, it’s not just food they need right now.
  4. So, here’s a list of what they really need at the Food Bank, and for the Homeless:
  • Peanut butter
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Pork and Beans
  • Toiletries
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoos and Soaps
  • Boxes of raisins or other healthy food choices for childrens lunch boxes
  • Juice boxes (the healthy sugar-free ones) for childrens lunch boxes

And … whatever else YOU can think of that would help out at this time of year. For food, choose the healthy options if you can 🙂

Soooo, you can sign up (FREE) right here so we have an idea of numbers. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you soon, Tweeting For FOOD.

~ Brenda Johima ~

P.S. If you’re on Twitter, we are sticking with the same hashtag for simplicity: #TweetUpCV


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