Twitter For Business

Are you still resisting Twitter and Social Media for your Business?

Or have you jumped in with both feet, as an early adopter?

Either way, you’re on the right track. It’s not too late to join, and never too late to learn and to improve technical skills and build your human network via Twitter.

There’s More Coming Soon on Social Media and Twitter for Business! For starters, here’s just a few ways that Twitter, when done right:

How Twitter can help your business. It’s all about relationships:

  1. Take Online Relationships Offline into Face-To-Face FUN Interactions (tiny Twitter avatars meets life-size human beings)
  2. Collaboration and Kindness in Business vs. “old school” Competition, which simply no longer works … there is another choice. Let me show you how.
  3. Build stronger communities, both online and offline, with people and business owners with common interests
  4. Build stronger communities, both online and offline, with people and business owners where diversity is the key to growing your business, by reaching outside of your own industry
  5. It’s (TweetUps) NOT your typical networking which often can be uncomfortable, full of pressure and expectations (What’s my take? Personally, I don’t like “networking” meetings, but with Twitter, I have found a new way that works tremendously well for me)
  6. MEET People
  7. TALK to People
  8. ENGAGE with People
  9. INTERACT with People
  10. CARE about People
  11. FIND out more about People
  12. BUILD relationships with People
  13. INSPIRE others
  14. ENCOURAGE others
  15. MOTIVATE others
  16. HELP others
  17. Have people find out about your business, your work, what you do, without having to “sell” at all
  18. Sell without selling, by just being yourself. Yes. Really.

So how does Twitter relate to business? Well, as we know, the old ways of doing business (for the most part) no longer work, and Social Media, and especially Twitter is a powerful medium to help your business grow, by interacting with customers and colleagues, real time, in 140 characters or less.

Let me show you how, in a Twitter for Business Workshop.

But wait, what about the technical “How-To?” Yes! I cover the technical side of Twitter as well. For example, possibly things like:

  • “I have an iPhone, now what?”
  • How can I Tweet from my iPhone? (no, it’s not a silly question, many people do not know how to do this, and it’s OK, I can help)
  • What can you recommend for Twitter iPhone apps?
  • What’s a hashtag, how and when to use them
  • Who to follow, who to avoid and why
  • What are social media applications online that you can use to monitor your account
  • Terminology and basic concepts
  • How (tools) and where to find people who are relevant to growing your business
  • Automating your Tweets? Yes or No? … and why

How is information delivered to you?

  1. In person, if at all possible, one-to-one, you and I, on location, at your place of business
  2. In small teams, on location, at your place of business
  3. In two half-day workshops, one for education, the second for follow-up, questions, clarifications and glitches
  4. Speaking engagements at conferences or large gatherings and business networking groups

If I tell you anymore, I will give away the course 🙂 Please phone me at (250) 335 – 1195 … I’m already booking 2011

Talk soon,
~Brenda Johima ~


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