(via multiple social media channels) This is one of my most popular iPhone ART images to date and I had FUN creating it, from capture to creation :

Sunflowers in Keremeos

Sunflowers in Keremeos

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I’d been looking for sunflowers to photograph with my iPhone for quite awhile now, and it had not (yet) been a good year for sunflowers and photography.

On a recent vacation in the Okanagan of B.C., I was driving down a road in Keremeos and I came across a few scraggly sunflowers (and I really mean, a “few”) on a side road, just outside the fence of a vineyard. I hopped out of my car, and tried to find the best way to photograph these “less than ideal” subjects … and am thrilled with the result.

I LOVE the challenge of iPhoneography, in using a far “less than ideal” camera and lens, and then to photograph a difficult subject while it is showing far less than perfection in it’s current form, and then enjoy the even greater challenge of how to turn all of this imperfection and challenge into a work of art.

And now we have it, Sunflowers in Keremeos 🙂

~ Brenda Johima ~

P.S.  The owner of the vineyard came out of their home, and and ran down his entrance road, opened the locked gate, as I stood outside the fence photographing these sunflowers. He asked what I was doing, and of course I said … “I’m photographing sunflowers.”

He asked “Why? They are horrible.”

And so I smiled and said, “I am an artist, and I can turn almost anything into art.” End of Story 🙂

Maybe it’s possible that one day he will see this result, and SEE the beauty that I did, instead of “horrible” sunflowers?


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2 Responses to “Sunflowers in Keremeos : iPhoneography”

  1. joveena says:

    Sunflowers are the MOST beautiful flowers, whatever their state! they are such an analogy to people. Sometimes you feel perky, other times not. We are all different shapes & sizes & colors, like the diversity of people around the world. We are all beautiful because we are god’s creation. And after the first frost – sunflowers shrivel up. As you get into those golden years – much the same!

    Sunflowers are always beautiful!!

    Wouldn’t it be great if somehow you could find out his address & send him your beautiful keremos sunflower. I would love to be a ‘fly on the wall’ as he opens his beautiful sunflower card!!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment, Joveena, and you always look at the bright side of life. LOVE that 🙂

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