Competition vs. Collaboration in Business

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I am speaking at Social Media Camp in Victoria on October 3rd … only 4 more sleeps! I have only a few minutes as a speaker, and one of the points listed on my speaker profile is “move to a model of collaboration vs. competition.” and if you are attending you might not be able to write these down fast enough, and if you are not attending, here’s a little sneak peek:

All of these are my original quotes and I have Tweeted and posted all of them via Twitter previously, over the last year and a half or so, but here’s a re-cap of a few:

The more you fear competition, the more you will find.
~ Brenda Johima ~

You really don’t have any competition if you truly are being yourself.
~ Brenda Johima ~

Fear of Competition in your Business? Good News? There is None! Nobody is you, or can do what you do, in just the way you do it.
~ Brenda Johima ~

In every industry, people train professionals/colleagues, who will one day, rise above them. Relax. You can’t control the Universe.
~ Brenda Johima ~

Do you collaborate or compete in your business?
~ Brenda Johima ~

Competition? What Competition? A focus on collaboration, caring 150% and helping removes it all.
~ Brenda Johima ~

Fear of Competition in your Business? Here’s the real news: You don’t get to choose. Your customers/clients choose who they hire, not you.
~ Brenda Johima ~

Fear of Competition in your Business? What can you do better without even thinking of your competitors? Focus on what you do better, and focus on doing THAT better.
~ Brenda Johima ~

Competition? What competition? Nobody told me I have competitors in business. How is that possible if I am my authentic self? It’s not.
~ Brenda Johima ~

A competitor is just a colleague you haven’t met yet. Let’s get connected. We’re all human here folks, all trying to get to the same place. It’s faster together 🙂
~ Brenda Johima ~

With tough economic times, I think that the fear of competition in business gets even more intense, and business owners go to even greater depths to avoid it, keep an eye on it, and sadly, try to squash it by using unethical tactics like gossip and back-stabbing. (this seems even more intense in small communities where people are dependent on local business, yet where there is a smaller local customer base)

I have been speaking and sharing and dreaming about collaboration vs. competition for so many, many years, and always felt alone in my quest to have this happen, especially in smaller rural communities where there can be more gossip (or at least it seems more intense) and I do believe that FINALLY, we are experiencing a SHIFT and people are beginning (ever so slowly) to understand the damage done by gossip in business (which is not all that different than the bullying that children might experience) and the value of collaboration and spreading word via GOOD GOSSIP.

And if you really look at those who you view as your competition … I mean really look at them as people, their business, what they do, who they are … Let’s be honest … isn’t there something cool you can find about them to focus on? We are afterall, just humans, all here together, all trying to have a great, successful and happy life, doing what we love most.

I dare you to compliment your “**competition” on a success they have had. It feels good, plus removes stress (yours), shows courage and honesty on your part. If you are not ready to do it face to face or via telephone, then use Social Media. It’s a super great way to spread kindness and  build  community (especially in tough times when we all need it most) … So swallow your pride, and just do it! Give them a RT on Twitter or a Good For You! … or Congratulations! Trust Me, You Will Thank Me. (If in doubt, read anything by Dale Carnegie)

(** … and with this post, to those of you who are wondering, nope, I am not naive, there are some bad apples out there, and I am not speaking about that minority of business owners out there, who do not want to get this lesson, who refuse to embrace this as a possibility, and who never will … for those folks, I say run away far and high into the hills and never look back and for goodness sakes, don’t do business with toxic people)

Business is about life, it’s about people and relationships. If you forget that, you have no business and creativity goes down the tubes as well. As the saying goes “what goes around comes around” and even though we are all adults in business, gossip does hurt feelings for some sensitive folks (and yes, I just do happen to be one of those HSP) in business. And what’s the point of that? It is only a reflection of who you are, not them.

So please, let’s STOP the gossip, stop competing, and just BE WHO YOU ARE. That’s what we all really want from you. THAT is what will make me want to purchase your products and services. YOU! Your authentic self.

Think about it. As a consumer, when I view your products and services, in that very moment, I really don’t care about your competition, I am wondering what you can do for me, and WIFM? … the old “what’s in it for me?” Afterall, when I think of a purchase, I am on YOUR website, in front of YOU, on the phone with YOU, in YOUR store right now, not that of your competition. So sell me on YOUR creativity and what YOU are really good at. Remember? You went into business because you had a dream, a passion. Show THAT to me … and your competition has disappeared from my mind completely and Ka-Ching $$.

I hope this has been helpful, or at least interesting and thought provoking or emotion producing. As those things, all spark creativity, and that’s what I am here to do, to inspire … the Creative NUDGE!

With much love and wishes for huge success,
~ Brenda Johima ~

** P.S. Oh, and BTW … Ooops, I almost forgot. Did I mention that I am Speaking at Social Media Camp? 🙂 In just a few days, October 3rd, 2010. Come and join in and Say Hello!

This article is also posted on my creativity in business blog so if you have an interest in more information on creativity in business, hop over to my Creative NUDGE blog.

Hope to see you at Social Media Camp! Don’t forget to come and say Hello 🙂

~ Brenda Johima ~

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