Tweet Bird for TweetUp Comox ValleyDid you know that there are over 530 people on Twitter in the Comox Valley? Please join us for some ” Preseason Cheer! ” at the 4th Comox Valley TweetUp!

What is Twitter? In a nutshell, Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service which allows you to send short messages of 140 characters, called “Tweets.”

What is a TweetUp? A TweetUp is a FREE community event, where people who have met online and communicate via Twitter, meet in person, face to face, offline.

TweetUps are informal events, for people who want to take their online communications, offline … engaging while building social and business relationships. People, is what Social Media is all about.

Local Artist, Photographer and Social Media Consultant Brenda Johima (@brendajohima) has been on Twitter since about March of 2009 and is passionate about the power of Twitter, and it’s potential to connect people for Social Good. Johima has partnered with Michael Fountain, Manager of Marketing & Communications and Discovery Community College, which will be the host venue for the November 29th event.

Here are the details :

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011, from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Venue: Discovery Community College (Courtenay Campus)
Where: 1025 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay (upstairs)
Cost: FREE community event, although we encourage you to please bring a donation for the local Comox Valley FOOD Bank
Twitter Hashtag: #TweetUpCV
Sign Up (FREE) Page:
On Twitter Follow: @brendajohima and @DiscCommCollege

As we all know, December and January are times of the year when individuals and families have a greater need for food, so this is a Social Media TweetUp With A Cause!

We will use the power of Twitter and Social Media and Tweet for Food to help others in need. In addition, there will be refreshments for participants, door prizes, a live Twitter feed on a big screen, as well as educational Twitter tricks and tips throughout the evening. From “seasoned pro” to Twitter newcomer, there will be all levels, so everyone will fit in perfectly. If you choose, please bring your smart phones, cell phones and laptops for live tweeting on location. TweetUps are FUN!

What if you are not on Twitter yet but are curious? It’s OK to join us too! You will gain most value if you already have a Twitter account, but a TweetUp can be a tremendous start, to meet great people and to get some tips before you start launch your Twitter account.

This is a perfect opportunity for business owners to mix and mingle, connect in a new way, FREE of charge, and free from being flogged with business cards, brochures, sales and marketing pitches.

The Comox Valley Food Bank has been assisting our Valley communities for over 25 years. Parents with children, post-secondary students, persons with disabilities, the working poor and those who experience persistent poverty, immigrants and the elderly, all benefit from the FOOD Bank. It is estimated that at least 1,200 hampers are handed out on a monthly basis, in addition to hundreds of other individual and regular “mouths to feed.”

The event is FREE to attend but we encourage donation of non-perishable food items ( or cheques made out to the Comox Valley Food Bank Society ) at the November 29th TweetUp! which will be delivered to the local Comox Valley Food Bank the following morning.

Do you need some suggestions as to what to bring? The Food Bank really needs (at their request) items like peanut butter, coffee and sugar, which they don’t purchase regularly. For for children’s lunches, juice boxes (the healthy sugar-free ones) and raisins or other healthy choices are appreciated. When selecting food donations for children, please choose healthy options, low in sugar. In addition, non-food items such as toilet paper, toiletries, toothpaste, shampoos and soaps are needed for the homeless.

Johima says “People WILL be fed” and the Food Bank is a cause close to her heart, having worked in the helping professions previously. “Nobody should go hungry in the Comox Valley. We can all do something. We can all do ONE thing. This is my thing. I don’t make a penny from this TweetUp, and I do not receive any business from this one event either. With pure intent, we help others the most.”

When Johima asked Jeff Hampton, President of the Comox Valley Food Bank, which types of situations are the most difficult to deal with emotionally when working at the Food Bank, Hampton said “it happens every day” and that “people arrive in tears when they have exhausted all other sources of funding.” This includes single mothers, young mothers with children, situations such as separation and divorce … or injury, and he added that “those who experience sudden job loss and unexpected employment are hit hardest.”

Discovery Community College is “a fully accredited, professional private college in British Columbia with multiple locations on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Programs are efficiently designed to equip graduates with all the knowledge and experience they need to achieve their career goals in short periods of time. We are committed to helping improve the communities of which we serve.”

If you have any other questions, would like to bring the entire team from your workplace, would like to donate in a big way, please phone Brenda Johima at (250) 335-1195 or email johima [at] gmail [dot] com or visit her website at

Please join Brenda Johima and all of us, at the 4th Comox Valley TweetUp! Connect, Communicate, Build Relationships. Make a Difference. Feed Families.

Comox Valley Food Bank volunteer Larry,
helps with bagging and preparing food for distribution.

Tweet Bird for TweetUp Comox ValleyA BIG Thank You to the  Comox Valley Record Newspaper for the press in print and online for the 3rd Comox Valley TweetUp! … this time, where we Tweet for the local Comox Valley FOOD Bank.

There’s still time to sign up for this FREE Community Social Media Event.

Don’t know what to bring?

Here’s an idea (at their request). In addition to FOOD and non-perishable items, what the FOOD Bank has also indicated they really need are items for the homeless that they cannot purchase on a regular basis:

  • Toiletries
  • Soaps
  • Shampoos

And … The media does great things. Please support them and follow the Record on Twitter @ComoxValleyNews

Thanks for your support, and see you there!

** P.S. We NEED our local media for both print and online. They do a great job of supporting community. Thanks Comox Valley Record! ***

~ Brenda Johima ~

Tweet Bird for TweetUp Comox ValleyLooking for a way to get started in Social Media in the Comox Valley? Meet some like-minded folks who are interested in Twitter? Or … you’re already there, fully engaged with Twitter for business and personal networking?

Hi Comox Valley, it’s me, Brenda Johima, and one person can make a difference by being an instigator … AND, it’s far better when one person doesn’t try to do it alone 🙂 People need more food at this time of year, and I’m going to try to help out, via Twitter and a TweetUp! And I’d like your help 🙂

“One person can make a difference by being an instigator, but not so much by trying to do it all alone.” ~Brenda Johima~

BTW, I’m @brendajohima on Twitter.

So .. I’m asking all 380+ of us on Twitter in the Comox Valley to help out, pitch in, and join in the 3rd Comox Valley TweetUp! for a cause … for the local Comox Valley FOOD Bank.

A TweetUp is a FREE community event, AND this time, we have special guests from Victoria, Paul Holmes and his wife Katharine Holmes joining us, AND, we are going to help out the local Comox Valley FOOD Bank at the same time, look at some great ART work, while engaging and building community. WOW!

So, I just spoke with Sue at the Comox Valley Food Bank, and there are certain items they purchase on a regular basis. AND, there are things they do not purchase and really need. Here’s what you could do to help at the TweetUp! :

  1. If you are in need, or can’t/don’t choose to donate anything, that is TOTALLY fine, nobody will know 🙂 Please just come to the TweetUp! anyway We (and I) want you there. It’s all about community, conversation, taking online, offline … and FUN.
  2. If you wish to donate money, a cheque can be made out to “Comox Valley Food Bank Society” and I will make sure it is delivered along with any food donations we receive.
  3. Please bring non-perishable food items, and I will personally deliver them to the FOOD Bank after the event. And as you can see from the list, it’s not just food they need right now.
  4. So, here’s a list of what they really need at the Food Bank, and for the Homeless:
  • Peanut butter
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Pork and Beans
  • Toiletries
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoos and Soaps
  • Boxes of raisins or other healthy food choices for childrens lunch boxes
  • Juice boxes (the healthy sugar-free ones) for childrens lunch boxes

And … whatever else YOU can think of that would help out at this time of year. For food, choose the healthy options if you can 🙂

Soooo, you can sign up (FREE) right here so we have an idea of numbers. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you soon, Tweeting For FOOD.

~ Brenda Johima ~

P.S. If you’re on Twitter, we are sticking with the same hashtag for simplicity: #TweetUpCV

The 3rd Comox Valley TweetUp! … is here. We’re on a roll now in the Comox Valley with Social Media and Twitter, so let’s keep things rolling, moving forward, connecting people online, offline.

The 1st Comox Valley TweetUp was such a success with 30 people showing up, that a second one was booked, the 2nd Comox Valley TweetUp! … and now we’re onto the final TweetUp of 2010 🙂

Are you still resisting Social Media? It’s getting harder to resist Social Media now, isn’t it?

Mark your calendars for Friday, December 17th, and this time, we will be Tweeting For Food! December is a time when individuals and families all have a greater need for food, so this is a Social Media TweetUp With A Cause! We will use the power of Twitter and Social Media and Tweet for Food to help others in need.

As always, a TweetUp! is FREE of charge.

***ALL PROCEEDS and DONATIONS of FOOD for the December 17th TweetUp! will be DONATED to the LOCAL COMOX VALLEY FOOD BANK.***

The date is Friday, December 17th, from 2:30 -4 p.m. (Location is Confirmed: The Comox Valley ART Gallery. YAY!)

TweetUp With A Cause! You can start signing up already for the 3rd Comox Valley TweetUp! Right Here.

**And We have a special guest for this event, Paul Holmes, one of the organizers of the recent and very popular Social Media Camp in Victoria. Paul is a leader on Vancouver Island in the field of Social  Media and Engagement, and will be at our event! Stay Tuned!**

Please join me at the 3rd Comox Valley TweetUp! Connect, Communicate, Build Relationships.

Ooops, Wondering, What Is A TweetUp?

Put simply, a TweetUp is an event where people who have met on Twitter, or who are communicating on Twitter, meet face to face in person. An informal event, for people who want to take  online communications, offline, engaging while building relationships.

The goal of most TweetUps? Community Engagement 🙂

If  you’re on Twitter, we’ll be using the same Hashtag as for the 1st Comox Valley TweetUp! #TweetUpCV

~ Brenda Johima ~

** P.S. P.S. There are also LOTS of DOGS and PETS in need in December as well. Feel Free to Make Your Personal Cause for this Event, FOOD for Dogs, FOOD for Pets 🙂


And, as with the 2nd Comox Valley TweetUp! there may be a (paid) Twitter Workshop For Business (optional), for business owners who want to learn the basics of how to use Twitter for business, right before the TweetUp! This will be posted on a separate page on this blog if it happens.


Drawing/Photo by Heather Passmore

Thank You to the Comox Valley ART Gallery for being the host location for this event, and here’s what will be happening during the TweetUp! at CVAG: STORIES FROM A FLICKERING PLAIN: Photography and drawing by Heather Passmore (Vancouver BC) and mixed media by Janet Wang (Vancouver BC) This Show runs from November 12 – December 31, 2010

Heather Passmore and Janet Wang both use the photograph as a starting point for explorations in erosion, memory, technology, biography, accidents and “personal mistakes”.  Passmore presents a series of “disappearing drawings” created by enlarging prints from her personal archive of half-exposed negatives to which drawings had been added.

Detail of Painting by Janet Wang

Wang presents paintings and drawings culled from the social networking site Facebook, re-negotiated as small-scale enlargements.  To these she has added embroidered captions taken from Facebook and Twitter.

Passmore has an MFA from UBC and has exhibited in solo exhibitions across Canada, including at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  She has published critical essays and reviews and won many prizes and scholarships including being a VADA Award recipient.

Wang has an MFA from Leeds University UK and has shown in Toronto, San Francisco, Seattle, Glasgow and Vancouver.

For more information on this exhibit:

Comox Valley ART Gallery on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=119113804815658

Hey there, I’m @brendajohima on Twitter and after being inspired by Twitter and TweetUps organized by Janis Lacouvee in Victoria and Don Power in Nanaimo as well as by Chris Burdge and Paul Holmes, organizers of the SUPER SUCCESSFUL Social Media Camp Victoria 2010 ( #smcv10 ) … we are having the 1st Comox Valley TweetUp

Tweet Bird for TweetUp Comox ValleyIf you are already on Twitter we are using the hashtag #TweetUpCV …Please help to spread the word 🙂

When? Friday, October 29th, 2010
Time? Right After Work 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Venue? Zocalo Cafe
Where? Courtenay, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island
Location? 208 5th Street, Courtenay (right downtown, Corner of Cliffe Avenue and 5th)
Internet? FREE WiFi (for us digital folks and smart phone users who Tweet Live)

Sign Up Right Here on EventBrite (the event is FREE of charge, but we do want to have an idea of numbers) *beverages may be purchased*

What’s Not Free? Drinks. You will be able to *purchase tea, coffee, and beverages. Also, the Zocalo is a licenced premise serving beer, wine and liquors, which you can purchase at the event.

Now You Ask, What Is A TweetUp?

Put simply, a TweetUp is an event where people who have met on Twitter, or who are communicating on Twitter, meet face to face in person. An informal event, for people who want to take  online communications, offline, engaging while building relationships.

Hope to See You There!
~Brenda Johima~

Phone: (250) 335 – 1195 if you have questions 🙂

P.S. Door Prizes! (listed in order received)

  1. One Year Business Listing on the Comox Valley Web Posse Website (compliments of Jamie McCue … Thanks Jamie!) *Please follow @cvwebposse on Twitter
  2. $20.00 Gift Certificate from Zocalo (compliments of Catherine Bell … Thanks Catherine!) *Please follow @ZocaloCV on Twitter
  3. One New Business Card Design/Layout (double-sided) by Graphic Designer Brenda Johima (compliments of JOHIMA Designs) *Please follow @brendajohima (that’s ME!) on Twitter
  4. One Month Unlimited Crossfit Membership (compliments of Titanium Crossfit … Thanks Marc and Malinda!)  *Please follow @TitaniumCrossFT on Twitter
  5. One CD “Tail Lights in the Rain” from singer/songwriter Sue Pyper (compliments of Sue Pyper … Thanks Sue!) *Please follow @suepyper on Twitter
  6. One Framed Art Print of “Rosewall Creek” (compliments of Comox Valley Visual Artist Marg Selkirk … Thanks Marg!)
  7. One 30-Minute phoDOGraphy session (includes one 8×10 print) (compliments of Puppy and Dog Photographer Brenda Johima of phoDOGraphy *Please follow @brendajohima on Twitter
  8. One Gift Certificate for Two-Hours of Personal Branding Consultation (4 x 30-minutes) (compliments of Campbell Duke Personal Branding … Thanks Beth!) *Please follow @CampbellDuke on Twitter
  9. Sunday Brunch for 2 at the Kingisher Oceanside Resort and Spa (compliments of the Kingfisher … Thanks Wendy Sears! …Director of Sales and Marketing) *Please follow @KingfisherSpa on Twitter
  10. One $25.00 Gift Certificate (compliments of Carnival Caribbean Cabana … Thanks Wain and Ronnice!) *Please follow @caribbeancabana on Twitter
  11. $20.00 Value in 2 Movies and Snacks (compliments of Rogers Plus in Courtenay … Thanks Greg!)
  12. Two $25.00 Gift Cards (compliments of The Wine Cottage in Courtenay (Thanks to Lyle and Pamela Brodie!) *Please follow The Wine Cottage on Twitter
  13. Four $25.00 Gift Certificates (compliments of the Oh Spa in Courtenay … Thanks Jenny Deters!) *Please follow Oh Spa on Twitter
  14. $35.00 WorkSafeBC Approved Basic First Aid Kit … AND a Course Code for a Free Online WHMIS course (value $33.00) (compliments of Chantele McPhee and St. John Ambulance) *Please follow Chantele McPhee and St. John’s Ambulance on Twitter
  15. $30.00 Skullcandy Stereo Headphones (iPhone compatible) (compliments of London Drugs, Courtenay location) *Please follow @LondonDrugs on Twitter
  16. Lots More On The Way!

Tweet Bird Resisting Social MediaA Comox Valley TweetUp is Coming Right Up!

Are you resisting Social Media?

Or … are you already using Twitter? If, so … YAY! If you’re in the Comox Valley but not using Twitter yet, grab a FREE Twitter account and jump right in, so that you can join our 1st Comox Valley TweetUp! … coming real soon!

If you’re already on Twitter, please use the hashtag #TweetUpCV and let’s all collaborate for a win-win for all, with an everyone welcome, inclusive event. (P.S. There is an Iowa group using #cvtweetup so we have shifted to #TweetUpCV to be supportive of their efforts)

Phone Brenda Johima at 250-335-1195 if you would like to take part, help out, work together with me, volunteer, or donate amazing super-dooper door prizes from your business, get your business noticed with Twitter, and real face-to-face contacts combined.

Build trust, build relationships, connect and let’s have a win-win for all. Let’s take online, offline. People is what Social Media is all about.

I’m @brendajohima on Twitter so let’s connect, and I’ve started a brand new list for the Comox Valley TweetUp so please let me know if you are interested, and I’ll get you listed right away.

There’s also a list for everyone I can find who has a Twitter account in the Comox Valley and as of October 4th, 2010 there are 333 of us and counting! If I’ve missed you, please let me know, and I’ll add you right away 🙂

~Brenda Johima~

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