i am speaking at social media camp 2013I am speaking at Social Media Camp 2013, May 6-8, in Victoria, B.C. This will be my fourth year in a row as a featured speaker.

I LOVE this conference and the quality of education and speakers, as well as the great friends I have made, who are with me still. I offer a BIG Thank You to the brains and talent behind instigating this conference, Paul Holmes and Chris Burdge. Thank you both for believing in me, and for giving me this opportunity to share what I LOVE to do, one more time.

What am I speaking on? My favorite topic! iPhone photography and iPhoneography of course, relate to the Apple iPhone camera. Cell phone photography, smart phone photography, and mobile photography are related, and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, but it really boils down to the same thing. You are using a mobile device (your individual choice for a technology brand) to create photo-art on the fly, while making an impact and communicating a message and/or story.

Personally, I create photo-art on the fly using an iPhone. I’ve chosen to make my photographs with an iPhone camera since 2008, and can’t believe that it’s now been almost 5 years!

5 years with an iPhone lovingly glued to my hand. It’s not only me who loves the iPhone as a camera. Many claim that the iPhone is the most popular camera, and even Apple proudly claims that “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

Having said that, whether or not you own an iPhone, does not matter in my session. Please show up with ANY cell phone camera … or none. I have had people attend my sessions with no cell phone camera. Whether you have an iPod, iPad, Blackberry, SONY, Nokia, or other Android device does not matter, and you will find out why … when you hear me speak. (p.s. It’s not about the gear, and to show you how open minded I am about gear, please do not tell Apple, but I have a secret love affair in the makings with a Sony XPeria Z/ZL)

Here is the official conference session blurb, and I do hope to see you at this stellar social media conference, right in the heart of beautiful Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Session Title: Mobile Photography: Everlasting Ever-Changing

Session Extract: Mobile Photography : WOW Yourself! Turn Blah cell phone photos into WOW images with impact. Your OWN mobile photography and visual social media can transform lives, make business more fun, and make a lasting impact through social sharing.

The only one thing you can really count on is your own inherent creativity. With mobile technology changing at rapid speeds, those who embrace change and their own creativity will lead the way. Cell phone cameras have put creativity in our pockets, always accessible. Mobile photography is a brilliant creative tool for marketing, advertising, real time news and for personal artistic expression. The images we make are permanent memories online and in print. What are you communicating?

“Creativity is not only for arts and culture. Creativity, innovation, imagination, the ability to invent and to think creatively is crucial for business, science and technology, health, education, construction, for the development of new products and services, for employment and job creation and, for every day life. Creating the business, life and career we dream of and long for, requires imagination and creative thinking, combined with the courage to take the action required to get there and to reach our goals.” — Brenda Johima

Think about it, everything we purchase, has been touched by a creative, in order to market it, whether it be a photographer, visual artist, designer, writer, dancer, actor, videographer or singer. The arts are crucial not only to life, but to every business. Add now to this list, iPhoneography and mobile photography, it’s crucial.

You will take away:

  • Inspiration via a fast moving, never boring presentation
  • Brenda’s top 10 recommended apps (iPhone and Android) for creating mobile photo-art on the fly
  • Tips on how you can use mobile photography to your advantage
  • Brenda’s top 5 list of crucial elements of fine art and design
  • Stunning examples of iPhone photos turned into works of art
  • Brenda’s camera of choice is the iPhone but the session is applicable to all mobile photographers, no matter the camera (* you do not have to own a cell phone camera to attend this session *)

venice in italy iPhone photoAbout the Speaker:

Brenda Johima joins us for her fourth year in a row as a featured speaker at Social Media Camp. Impressive!

A passionate speaker, artist and prolific iPhoneographer, Brenda Johima IS Art, Creativity, Design and Social Media combined under one roof. Her own roof.

In 2002 Brenda Johima started her home based business, JOHIMA Designs, which provided graphic design for print and web. In order to provide clients with a one-stop shop for success, she later jumped into SEO, Internet Marketing, and Social Media and rebranded as simply, JOHIMA. During the entire time Brenda has also been very active as an visual artist (painter) and photographer creating images for personal and artistic expression.

Always remaining nimble to change with the times, Brenda has been making mobile phone art (iPhoneography) with her iPhone almost on a daily basis since 2008, and after literally thousands of images, is excited to share her expertise, tips, tricks and enthusiasm with you.

Brenda’s Twitter profile says it all; a Multi-Talented-Creative-Type, Designer, Visual Artist, Photographer: phoDOGrapher: Creativity Consultant for Business. And for Social Media Camp, we add iPhoneographer!

I will see you at Social Media Camp 2013, and there is still time to REGISTER HERE.

— Brenda Johima

P.S. All of my image samples and apps at the conference for demonstration purposes will be  for iPhone, however, the session is applicable to anyone, due to the crucial elements of fine art and design that are also covered. And, nowadays, more and more apps are available that are compatible with Android as well.



Are You Ready to Make Your Photo-ART Social in YYJ?

brenda johima beautiful iPhone self-portrait


New to Social Media Camp this year is the Mobile Phone Photo-Art Show. This has been instigated and organized by the very talented visual artist and prolific iPhone Photographer, Brenda Johima. Brenda is a former Social Media Camp featured speaker and panelist, and is here for her third year in a row, this year as a Power Session presenter.

*** REVISED on June 7th for Simplicity and for this one solo Instigator of this project and for Simplicity of Ease of Use for conference attendees, the majority of giveaways will be drawn random from a box, at booth 24.**

The Social Media Camp Mobile Photo-Art Show (with Brenda Johima)

This groundbreaking (real time and online) mobile phone photo exhibit is a first on Vancouver Island! Open to both iPhone and Android mobile phone photographers who attend Social Media Camp in person, we’re excited to have this as part of the conference. It’s a mobile phone photo-art show, with a a few small UN-contests, a lot of random luck … and all social and visual FUN. It’s all about creating a positive vibe with images, encouraging and cheering each other on.

The two goals are 1.) participation from as many people as possible; and 2.) creativity.

My personal Goal 3.) Support all the incredible app developers and talent that create these awesome art and photography apps for us. Please visit their websites, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts

Rules. There is only one.

1. Respect. If people don’t want their photo taken, please choose someone else 🙂 Not everybody wants their photo posted to social networks. For the gregarious, photogenic and those who love to be in photos, go for it.

i am speaking at social media camp 2012

How will it work and how to participate:

  1. When you arrive, pick up an info. sheet at Booth 24.
  2. Drop your business card in the box if you want to win giveaways. We must have your email address for giveaways.
  3. Everyone needs to download the CapsuleCam app (Android and iPhone) below, you’ll be able to see the images uploaded real time on your mobile device, AND also on a flat panel screen that will be at Booth 24. Come and Say HI to me please, and if you can spare a free moment, I could use a little volunteer help 🙂
  4. Beginner iPhone photographers and anyone else who would like to, please download the Pinweel app if you want to give that a try also
  5. If you are a beginner iPhone user and only want to be part of a smaller group for image sharing, please download the Pinweel app
  6. It’s all inclusive. Anyone attending the conference in person, with Android or iPhone can participate. You must be registered as a conference attendee (or volunteer) or trade show exhibitor.
  7. Take mobile phone photos from the moment you arrive on Friday 8:30 a.m. until closing with the last speaker on Saturday at 5:00 p.m.. Winners will be announced and sent codes for download on Monday and Tuesday after the conference.***You will need to provide an email address at Booth 24 if you win and want the codes emailed so you can download your giveaway***
  8. >>Upload images all weekend, whenever you want. There is no limit.<< (Think Twitter but with pictures)
  9. *Images can be ones that you have taken before, or that you take during your time at the conference. You can upload from existing photo albums online if you choose.*
  10. You can post-process images using one or multiple photography and art apps, or use none at all.
  11. All photos must be taken and post-processed with a mobile phones only
  12. You can ‘like’ photos with a thumbs up from within Pinweel (we are NOT using the “thumbs down.” do not use it)
  13.  Both apps have a web version as well. There will be a URL you can get at the conference to follow the stream of images.

The hashtag for this mobile phone photo-art part of the conference on Twitter is #SMPhotoArt

What do you need to do to join in? It’s Super Simple!

  1. Download the FREE app Capsule (available for both Android and iPhone) This will be our primary social networking
  2. Download the FREE app Pinweel (if you want to try both, this one is for iPhone only)
  3. Try it out, get comfortable with the apps.
  4. You’ll upload your images to capsules created just for the conference or ones you have created previously. Use #SMPhotoArt and #SMCamp
  5. Beginners, we’re going to have an additional and separate stream of images. You can download Download the FREE app Pinweel (available for iPhone only) *Note there is Pinwheel, which is a different app, we are using Pinweel (without the “H”)
  • *Please note this is an experiment, a trial for this first year so let’s get “not serious” as there is only one me, Brenda Johima, running this, it’s for FUN!* (be nice 🙂

Categories and Suggestions for IDEAS to inspire you to take photos :

  • Just Make Art
  • It’s a Compliment. Geek, Nerd and Techie
  • I LOVE Victoria
  • People
  • Architecture and Buildings
  • “Almost” Anything Goes
  • Two elements of design. Line and/or Pattern
  • Inspired
  • Most Creative Self-Portrait
  • Newbies and Beginners (Anything Goes. Just Take Pictures)
  • Keeners and Pros (please see below, we have judges if you like to compete)

How can you win a Giveaway?

For 2012 it will be winning primarily by random draw out of a box, at booth 24 except for a couple of “UN-judged” categories. The main goal is to take photos and post them via the apps.

1. For those ‘competitive’ types out there who like to WIN because of skill:

We have a ‘contest’ we have one category, which will be judged. Winning photos will be selected first for creativity, and as well for excellent use of the basic elements of fine art and design that make for a great photo. UN-Judges are Brenda Johima, Kris Krug and Derek Ford.

  • Keeners and Pros (self-defined. if you think you are one, or want to be one, and want to excel to show off the best possible images at this conference, this is you. you would be one who focuses on things like composition, line, pattern, shape, texture and the elements of fine art and design)
  • Based on the final opinions of UN-Judges Brenda Johima, Kris Krug and Derek Ford
  • Post all your images via the CapsuleCamapp

2. For those who like a specific assignment and a challenge to WIN:

3. One more challenge and this is FUN:

  • Person who not only submits photos to participate, but who is the most friendly, and helpful, encouraging, motivating, supportive to others in your COMMENTS on other people’s photographs within Capsule and/or Pinweel wins a big package. So not only do you have to submit photos, but you have to encourage others in the process :

How else can you win a giveaway?

  • Random and Luck
  • Random draws made at Booth 24 : Put your business card or name in the box at the booth (MUST have an email address to win)
  • Best Self-Portrait (0r a photo with a new friend(s) you’d never met before Social Media Camp) (UN-judged by Brenda Johima, Kris Krug and Derek Ford)
  • Paper in a box voting at booth 24, for your favorite mobile phone photographer (There will be a box (yes, where you will put a piece of paper, real paper 🙂 at Booth 24 and into it with the name of your favorite mobile photographer at the conference. They don’t have to be the best, just your favorite, it could be somebody who inspired you, or helped you out, or who takes cool photos. Put their name in the box. They’ll get something cool as a surprise)
  • Try, participate, comment on others photos, inspire and encourage other people, help others who may need a hand. You’re being watched 🙂 You might win on kindness, helpfulness and giving, and by simply giving it a shot, which is one core value to successful social networking online. The most friendly, kind, encouraging, motivating, supportive person in their comments made to others within the apps will win a giveaway.


SmugMug Pro logoWith gratitude, courtesy of Nick Wrzesinski from SmugMug

  •   1-year SmugMug ‘Pro’ account :  (3)
  • “Your Photos Look Better Here.®  Billions of happy photos. Millions of passionate customers.”

FX Photo Studio for MAC logoA HUGE thank you to Alex Tsepko and Veronica Melnikova at MacPhun who have given me codes to 41 giveaways for iPhone, iPad and MAC! Absolutely awesome-fantastic! These people are very generous, and friendly, kind people who have a brilliant app development company.

Camera+ logoThank you to Camera+ and Lisa Bettany

Thank you to 100 Cameras in 1 and Trey Ratcliff

The apps that will help make it happen, image sharing (real time and online) :

CapsuleCam appCapsuleCam

Thank you to Cyrus Farudi and Ryan Schmidt of CapsuleCam who have been incredibly supportive and helpful and will be available for your support questions via their website and from within the app. They are sending me some swag so if you come by Booth 24, it will be given out at random and by luck throughout the two days.

PinweelPinweel app logo

Thank you to James Tillinghast of Pinweel who provides superb support and he’s given me some swag if you come by Booth 24, it will be given out at random and by luck throughout the two days. He’s also available for support questions via their website.



Contact Brenda Johima
E: SMPhotoArt@Gmail.com
Twitter: @brendajohima and @johima
Facebook: JOHIMA and brenda.johima.creative

At the conference find Brenda JOHIMA at Booth 24

(and she’s also presenting a POWER Session on iPhone Photography, Friday June 8th at 9:20 a.m.)

 ** disclaimer. please note. these are not affiliate links. i have requested app giveaways on my own, for conference attendees, in order to encourage participation in the new mobile phone photo-art show/exhibit. this comes from my desire and belief that better images make for a more beautiful web, and if we have a few techniques and awesome apps to help out, let’s share the wealth of it for all of us to not only improve photography skills but also stretch our creative boundaries as there truly are no limits. my gift to you. i’m not getting paid by any of these app developers to do this **

Win some apps at Social Media Camp!

iPhone photographers are in for a treat at Social Media Camp this year. Bring your best iPhone photos that you already have taken, and also be prepared to take some new photos at the conference, June 8th and June 9th for a chance to win some really cool app downloads.

*NEW* to Social Media Camp this year is an iPhone and Mobile Phone Photo Exhibit (real time and online)

>>Details on how you can win will be all laid out for you in an upcoming separate blog post.<<

As both a social media consultant and also an artist and avid iPhone photographer I love to inspire and to encourage others to also get excited and passionate about mobile phone photography and having some cool apps in your photography toolkit, certainly helps. I’m absolutely thrilled what I have come up with, and you will not believe what I have got in store for you!

You’ll have a chance to submit your mobile phone photos in order to win these apps. I’m seeing this not as a “contest” but as an exhibit, where photos are submitted real time, throughout the two days (details and basic submission guidelines to follow) with the goal being creativity and participation from as many people as possible.

** please note. these are not affiliate links. i have requested app giveaways on my own, for conference attendees, in order to encourage participation in the new mobile phone photo-art show/exhibit. this comes from my desire and belief that better images make for a more beautiful web, and if we have a few techniques and awesome apps to help out, let’s share the wealth of it for all of us to not only improve photography skills but also stretch our creative boundaries as there truly are no limits. my gift to you. i’m not getting paid to do this **

The amazing folks at MacPhun Inspiring Software have very generously given me some codes (41) for FREE downloads of some apps for iPhone, MAC and iPad, including FX Photo Studio and Snapheal and Color Splash Studio

FX Photo Studio for iPhone Logo
1. FX Photo Studio for iPhone

Here’s the developers description : “FX Photo Studio offers more bang for your buck than any other app on the App Store with its outstanding assortment of 194 filters. It is the most popular version of the FX Photo Studio brand and is a top photography application in over 50 different countries. FX Photo Studio for iPhone is utilized by both amateur and professional photographers who seek simple, but powerful image processing on-the-go. Users can turn their iPhone or iPod touch into a fantastic photo editing studio that allows them to mix and tune every single effect, mask effects, and share their photos via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Many would be surprised by the countless creative image editing possibilities that FX Photo Studio provides on-the-go.” Read about the FX Photo Studio app for MAC and iPad here >>

Snapheal for MAC
2. Snapheal

The developers website calls this app a “super hero for your photos” that “removes unwanted objects, can heal damaged photos, fix skin imperfections and “fixes photos in minutes” and it’s a “First-of-its-kind photo app for Mac that lets you perform professional image enhancements in minutes.”

Color Splash Studio for MAC

3. Color Splash Studio for MAC

This is an app for selective color photography. Here are some snippets from the developers website state that this app is : “iPhoto and Aperture friendly. You can import photos from those libraries and export back to iPhoto, Aperture and Photoshop. It has a toolbox that includes selection tools to make images with selective colors, including the ability to adjust parameters of the brush, a variety of monochrome layers, customize brightness, contrast, saturation, hues, vignettes and more.”

Here’s what I will have to give away to some lucky photographers. I’ll be set up at Booth 24.

Below, is one example of what can be done with FX Photo Studio for iPhone (which is one of my most used apps for iPhone) and the creative possibilities truly are endless. I’m happy to be able to share this all with you. It’s a win-win for the app developers and for some lucky social media conference attendees. In an upcoming blog post, I’ll list the categories for photo submissions, and here’s a hint for one *architecture and buildings* (Thanks to Katharine Holmes for suggesting an architecture category. Good idea!) You can be as traditional, or creative and abstract as you like. You can even start now, snapping photos before you get to the conference 🙂

iPhone Art called City on Fire by Brenda Johima

I’ll see you in Victoria, at Social Media Camp 2012 and please do join me at my speaking engagement if you want to learn some tips and tricks for iPhoneography and the basic elements of fine art and design that can be applied to almost any photograph, with any cell phone.

— Brenda Johima

It’s time to GET SOCIAL.

To Social Media Camp, that is.

I’m super excited to be speaking at Social Media Camp 2012 in Victoria, B.C., once again!

I’m honored to say that this is my third year in a row as a speaker at this prestigious Social Media Conference in Canada. For the past two years, I’ve been both a featured speaker and also a session speaker, and for 2012 I’ll be presenting a Power Session, which for my session, will be my version of a hybrid between a speaking engagement and an interactive session where you can ask me lots of questions.

I will not be holding back any secrets as to exactly which apps I use, as well as any tips, tricks and techniques. That’s right, not holding any cards close to my chest. Why? Better images make for a more beautiful web, and in my opinion, increase your marketing power online. During my overflowing-with-content, action packed 45 minute session, you can ask me ‘almost’ anything to do with iPhone photography. (usually I hold a few cards close to my chest … but not this time … 🙂

What’s the biggest question that I get asked on a regular basis about iPhone Photography? (iPhoneography) “What app did you use? Which app is that?” I’ll answer those questions, AND explain why we need to find new questions to ask mobile photographers 🙂

Last year at Social Media Camp 2011, my session title was “I’ve got an iPhone, now what? Photography Apps and Social Media for Sharing Images” and it was standing room only!

Apparently for this year, there is limited space in the room for my Power Session, so please do arrive early because I’m eager to have FUN, share my passion with you for this exciting medium of mobile photography, and to share tips, tricks and techniques to inspire and encourage you to take even more great photos.

Photography and art make for a more beautiful web. Nowadays, cell phone cameras and iPhones are ‘one of’ the fastest way to create art and post to web, blogs and social networks.

SHOW. Like. Trust. Images sell.

iPhone Art and Photography for Social Media Marketing

Everything online is sold and marketed using text content and/or images.

iPhone and cell phone photography is growing at a rapid pace, not only as an artistic tool for creative expression, but as a viable tool to be used for business and marketing online via Social Media and image sharing.

  1. My creative tool of choice, and camera of choice for mobile photography is the iPhone (3G and 4s)
  2. I have 80+ art and photography apps. I’ll share my favorites.
  3. AND >> My session is open to ALL Mobile Phone Photographers. Although my session and demonstrations are based on using an iPhone, you Don’t have to have an iPhone to join in! If you are interested in creating cool images, please join me 🙂
  4. Top secret : Some people have even attended my session without even owning a cell phone. Shhhh. It’s all inclusive, everybody is welcome, it will be FUN.
  5. My presentation is loaded with iPhoneography examples from beginning to end, a visual display, with NO boring PowerPoint 🙂
  6. Get inspired, motivated and passionate about this exciting medium, to use it in your business (or for personal expression)
  7. As I also work as an ARTIST, I’m here to show you some techniques, that you can then apply to your own industry and images.

Here’s what you will learn:

  1. Brenda’s top 10 apps for improving iPhone images
  2. How you can use Brenda’s top 10 basic elements of fine art and design tips to improve your photos
  3. How to correct (or use for artistic effect) blurry and lifeless, “blah” photos
  4. How to use your mobile phone to create art-based marketing on the fly, real time, and where to share your images online
  5. How to create eye-catching cell phone photos that are even more creative, dramatic and that ‘pop’


iPhone Photograph of wine glass and chocolate cake by brenda johimaI’ll see you there! Please do come and say HI! on June 8-9th in Victoria, B.C. Here’s all the details :

Social Media Camp 2012

#Follow @SocMediaCamp on Twitter
#Follow @JOHIMA on Twitter (for everything SEO, design, social media and online marketing)
#Follow @brendajohima on Twitter

Social Media Camp on Facebook
JOHIMA Social Media + Marketing on Facebook
Brenda Johima Creative on Facebook

P.S. I’d like to extend my gratitude to Chris Burdge and Paul Holmes for giving me this opportunity to speak, and connect for two days at a stellar conference, with some of the brightest and best speakers, thinkers, online marketers, social media experts and eager learners. It’s going to be a good time!

— Brenda Johima


I'm Speaking At Social Media Camp 2011From the Comox Valley to Victoria … Vancouver Island, I’m thrilled to be, once again, speaking at Social Media Camp in Victoria, and it’s coming up, in only a few days!

A BIG THANK YOU to Paul Holmes of IdeaZone and Chris Burdge of bWest Interactive for this opportunity to speak, but most importantly, for their dedication and ongoing hard work in the Social Media community, not only in Victoria, but in helping to raise the bar for social media professionals all over Vancouver Island and beyond.

Their reach has been far and wide, and it is with much gratitude to Paul and to Chris, and to the huge group of volunteers who are all working so hard to pull together this amazing 2 day conference, that I will be attending both as speaker and as participant. This is one conference, not to be missed.

The information for the conference, and all the ways you can get in touch, or follow conference via social media channels, is at the bottom of this post. Please support their work.

Hope to see you there! And if not this year in person, stay tuned on Twitter, as there will likely be a lot of Tweets flooding Twitter on June 3rd and 4th, 2011, let’s get Social Media Camp trending. *Also, for my session below, make sure to stay tuned on Flickr and on Instagram, one of only two places online where I will be encouraging participants throughout the conference, to share their images and photographs via social media.*

So here’s my “official” session write up:

My Session Title😕 I’ve got an iPhone, now what? Photography Apps and Social Media for Sharing Images.

Session Extract😕 SHOW. Like. Trust. Images sell.

Almost everything online is sold and marketed using text content and/or images. iPhone and cell phone photography is growing at a rapid pace, not only as an artistic tool for creative expression, but as a viable tool to be used for business and marketing online via Social Media and image sharing. Brenda’s tool of choice is the iPhone 3G. Yes, the iPhone 3G. She has chosen to challenge herself by not upgrading to the new and shiny, bigger and faster is better, but to create stunning images using the 1st generation iPhone camera. There is no shutter speed or aperture, and Brenda knows that the most FUN and creativity come from living in the unknown and letting go of control.

What will you come away with?

  • Learn tips and tricks on how you can improve your iPhone photography skills, using a few basic elements of fine art and design
  • Learn the basics of how to make images “pop” using a few of Brenda’s favorite photography and art apps.
  • Brenda will also share how, why and which brands are using iPhone photography, and why you too, can join in this super FUN and powerful way of working and sharing online
  • Learn where you can share your images online using social networks
  • Although the session is geared to iPhone photography, many of the points will be applicable to any cell phone photographer and everyone is welcome to attend whether you have an iPhone or not
  • Brenda will present images she has created that show how she used apps and her iPhone as an artistic tool
  • How you too, can tap into the FUN and joy of iPhone photography

For more information about Social Media Camp:

  1. Here’s the #smcv11 website
  2. Here’s my Brenda Johima speaker page on the Social Media Camp 2011 website
  3. Follow Social Media Camp on Twitter
  4. The hashtag for Social Media Camp on Twitter is #smcv11
  5. Here’s the Social Media Camp FaceBook page
  6. I’m on Twitter as @brendajohima and @johima
  7. I’m on FaceBook as brenda.johima.creative and as JOHIMA and phoDOGraphy.ca


Hope To See You There! … Please say Hello 🙂

~ Brenda Johima ~

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