Thank you to everyone at Social Media Camp 2011 who attended my iPhone photography and photo apps speaking presentation. Full house in my room! Awesome! Thanks so much for being there, and for your compliments, encouragement and feedback.

As promised, watch this blog in the next day or two, and I will provide you with a .PDF document which outlines my favorite iPhone photo apps and also will post notes from my presentation. Not the entire presentation, but some of it 🙂

And YES! I’ve had a few requests already for speaking engagements based on my talk.

My presentation is ready to go, so HAPPY to come and speak at your conference, or for your group or organization, on “I’ve Got a iPhone, Now What? Photography Apps and Image Sharing via Social Media” (Please allow at least ONE hour minimum for the full presentation and THREE hours if you prefer it in a workshop format instead of speaking engagement.

Phone me at (250) 335 – 1195 to book now! Or email brenda [at] brendajohima [dot] com

~ Brenda Johima ~

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written Permission

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written Permission

I'm Speaking at Social Media Camp 2011Super Excited! It’s only days away!  What’s “it” ? Well, I posted about this in February, that I had been selected as a speaker for Social Media Camp 2011 in Victoria.

I’m considered “alumni” … having spoken at Social Media Camp 2010 as well, where my topic was “Small Towns, Big Ideas” and how Social Media can level the playing field for everyone in business, especially for those in small towns and for those who live rural.

For 2011 I’ve got a Super FUN topic! I’ve Got an iPhone, Now What? Photography apps and Sharing Images via Social Media”


Here’s the “official” blurb:

My Session Title: I’ve got an iPhone, now what? Photography Apps and Social Media for Sharing Images.

Session Extract😕 SHOW. Like. Trust. Images sell.

Almost everything online is sold and marketed using text content and/or images. iPhone and cell phone photography is growing at a rapid pace, not only as an artistic tool for creative expression, but as a viable tool to be used for business and marketing online via Social Media and image sharing. Brenda’s tool of choice is the iPhone 3G. Yes, the iPhone 3G. She has chosen to challenge herself by not upgrading to the new and shiny, bigger and faster is better, but to create stunning images using the 1st generation iPhone camera. There is no shutter speed or aperture, and Brenda knows that the most FUN and creativity come from living in the unknown and letting go of control.

What will you come away with? ( Oh my goodness, I hope you do 🙂 P.S. Here’s the speaking schedule in case you want to sign up for my session.

  • Learn tips and tricks on how you can improve your iPhone photography skills, using a few basic elements of fine art and design
  • Learn the basics of how to make images “pop” using a few of Brenda’s favorite photography and art apps.
  • Brenda will also share how, why and which brands are using iPhone photography, and why you too, can join in this super FUN and powerful way of working and sharing online
  • Learn where you can share your images online using social networks
  • Although the session is geared to iPhone photography, many of the points will be applicable to any cell phone photographer and everyone is welcome to attend whether you have an iPhone or not
  • Brenda will present images she has created that show how she used apps and her iPhone as an artistic tool
  • How you too, can tap into the FUN and joy of iPhone photography

So if you are at Social Media Camp 2011 please do come and say HI before or after my session, would LOVE to meet you in person and get connected on Twitter as well, if we are not already 🙂

You can follow these links for more information about Social Media Camp (website) … their FaceBook page and of course, you can follow them on Twitter as well. ( hashtag for Social Media Camp 2011 is #smcv11 )

Hope to see you there!
~ Brenda Johima ~

Now how the heck did I do this? ( * iPhone Photo Art )

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written Permission


I'm Speaking at Social Media Camp 2011

I’m Super Excited! Why? I’m Officially on the Speaker’s Roster for Social Media Camp 2011, in Victoria. Yay!

Stay tuned for more information and details on this blog as we get closer to the event and also keep checking the #SMCV11 website as they continue to update their speaker’s list.

40 Speakers! It’s going to be awesome, and it was such a wildly popular in 2010, they’ve expanded it to a 2-day event this year. A Wise Move.

I also attended and was a Speaker at Social Media Camp 2010 so I can highly recommend this event. It was FUN, super organized, and brought together some of the brightest minds and coolest technology in Social Media.

And … I think that what I loved the most, was taking online communications, offline, and finally meeting people face-to-face in person.

So what’s my topic for Social Media Camp 2011? Something super-FUN and hands-on:

My topic? “I’ve got an iPhone, now what?
Photography Apps and Social Media for Sharing Images.”

There is just so much nowadays that you can do with an iPhone, which has changed the photography industry for both personal photo sharing and for professional use. * Stay tuned on the Social Media Camp website and this blog for the full blurb of what you will learn if you attend my presentation.*

The sharing of images has become immediate, and the beauty of an iPhone, is that now everything can be done “in-camera” or “in-phone” meaning that Photoshop or iPhoto or any other post-processing image software is no longer needed. (Sorry Adobe and Apple, I still Love You on my laptop and desktop for my DSLR).

What you get as a result, is spontaneous, in-the-moment-on-location opportunities that don’t happen as often with a “regular” camera. It’s not better or worse, it’s just different … and it’s a medium that I am highly passionate about.

In choosing to use an iPhone for Art and Photography, it means that I always have a camera with me. And as Chase Jarvis says, “the best camera is the one you have with you.”

Hope to see you at Social Media Camp 2011 Victoria!

~ Brenda Johima ~

P.S. Keep track of the Social Media Camp Speakers Roster on FaceBook as they add more speakers.

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