i am speaking at social media camp 2013I love this time of year, as I prepare for my favorite social media conference on Vancouver Island.

This will be my FOURTH year in a row as a featured speaker and conference attendee at Social Media Camp in Victoria B.C. I LOVE speaking at this conference, and I’m ecstatic to be on the main stage this year.

Here’s the official blurb on my session for the conference, and I hope to see you there! Please do come and say Hello as I LOVE meeting new people 🙂

Session Title: Mobile Photography: Everlasting Ever-Changing

Session Extract: Mobile Photography : WOW Yourself! Turn Blah cell phone photos into WOW images with impact. Your OWN mobile photography and visual social media can transform lives, make business more fun, and make a lasting impact through social sharing.

The only one thing you can really count on is your own inherent creativity. With mobile technology changing at rapid speeds, those who embrace change and their own creativity will lead the way. Cell phone cameras have put creativity in our pockets, always accessible. Mobile photography is a brilliant creative tool for marketing, advertising, real time news and for personal artistic expression. The images we make are permanent memories online and in print. What are you communicating?

“Creativity is not only for arts and culture. Creativity, innovation, imagination, the ability to invent and to think creatively is crucial for business, science and technology, health, education, construction, for the development of new products and services, for employment and job creation and, for every day life. Creating the business, life and career we dream of and long for, requires imagination and creative thinking, combined with the courage to take the action required to get there and to reach our goals.” — Brenda Johima

Think about it, everything we purchase, has been touched by a creative, in order to market it, whether it be a photographer, visual artist, designer, writer, dancer, actor, videographer or singer. The arts are crucial not only to life, but to every business. Add now to this list, iPhoneography and mobile photography, it’s crucial.

You will take away:

  • inspiration via a fast moving, never boring presentation
  • Brenda’s top 10 recommended apps (iPhone and Android) for creating mobile photo-art on the fly
  • tips on how you can use mobile photography to your advantage
  • Brenda’s top 5 list of crucial elements of fine art and design
  • stunning examples of iPhone photos turned into works of art
  • Brenda’s camera of choice is the iPhone but the session is applicable to all mobile photographers, no matter the camera (* you do not have to own a cell phone camera to attend this session *)

About the Speaker:

Brenda Johima joins us for her fourth year in a row as a featured speaker at Social Media Camp. Impressive!

A passionate speaker, artist and prolific iPhoneographer, Brenda Johima IS Art, Creativity, Design and Social Media combined under one roof. Her own roof.

In 2002 Brenda Johima started her home based business, JOHIMA Designs, which provided graphic design for print and web. In order to provide clients with a one-stop shop for success, she later jumped into SEO, Internet Marketing, and Social Media and rebranded as simply, JOHIMA. During the entire time Brenda has also been very active as an visual artist (painter) and photographer creating images for personal and artistic expression.

Always remaining nimble to change with the times, Brenda has been making mobile phone art (iPhoneography) with her iPhone almost on a daily basis since 2008, and after literally thousands of images, is excited to share her expertise, tips, tricks and enthusiasm with you.

Brenda’s Twitter profile says it all; a Multi-Talented-Creative-Type, Designer, Visual Artist, Photographer: phoDOGrapher: Creativity Consultant for Business. And for Social Media Camp, we add iPhoneographer!

See you there!
– Brenda Johima

Ships Point Fanny Bay iPhone Art


EXCITING. I’ll be speaking on the topic of mobile photography on Norwegian Cruiselines, and in fact, when Social Media Camp takes this conference to sea on the 2013 Social Media Cruise! And you can join me! What better a place to learn new skills and to practice mobile photography than with like-minded folks on a luxury ship? I’ll post a separate blog post very shortly. But if you are eager to sign up before my next blog post, please use “JOHIMA” to join me! Contact Alex Yates and tell her that Brenda JOHIMA sent you 🙂

P.S.P.S. If you use one of the links above, to register for Social Media Camp, you’ll receive a 10% discount upon registration. If you forget, please use “JOHIMA” as your code 🙂 Thank You!

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It’s time to GET SOCIAL.

To Social Media Camp, that is.

I’m super excited to be speaking at Social Media Camp 2012 in Victoria, B.C., once again!

I’m honored to say that this is my third year in a row as a speaker at this prestigious Social Media Conference in Canada. For the past two years, I’ve been both a featured speaker and also a session speaker, and for 2012 I’ll be presenting a Power Session, which for my session, will be my version of a hybrid between a speaking engagement and an interactive session where you can ask me lots of questions.

I will not be holding back any secrets as to exactly which apps I use, as well as any tips, tricks and techniques. That’s right, not holding any cards close to my chest. Why? Better images make for a more beautiful web, and in my opinion, increase your marketing power online. During my overflowing-with-content, action packed 45 minute session, you can ask me ‘almost’ anything to do with iPhone photography. (usually I hold a few cards close to my chest … but not this time … 🙂

What’s the biggest question that I get asked on a regular basis about iPhone Photography? (iPhoneography) “What app did you use? Which app is that?” I’ll answer those questions, AND explain why we need to find new questions to ask mobile photographers 🙂

Last year at Social Media Camp 2011, my session title was “I’ve got an iPhone, now what? Photography Apps and Social Media for Sharing Images” and it was standing room only!

Apparently for this year, there is limited space in the room for my Power Session, so please do arrive early because I’m eager to have FUN, share my passion with you for this exciting medium of mobile photography, and to share tips, tricks and techniques to inspire and encourage you to take even more great photos.

Photography and art make for a more beautiful web. Nowadays, cell phone cameras and iPhones are ‘one of’ the fastest way to create art and post to web, blogs and social networks.

SHOW. Like. Trust. Images sell.

iPhone Art and Photography for Social Media Marketing

Everything online is sold and marketed using text content and/or images.

iPhone and cell phone photography is growing at a rapid pace, not only as an artistic tool for creative expression, but as a viable tool to be used for business and marketing online via Social Media and image sharing.

  1. My creative tool of choice, and camera of choice for mobile photography is the iPhone (3G and 4s)
  2. I have 80+ art and photography apps. I’ll share my favorites.
  3. AND >> My session is open to ALL Mobile Phone Photographers. Although my session and demonstrations are based on using an iPhone, you Don’t have to have an iPhone to join in! If you are interested in creating cool images, please join me 🙂
  4. Top secret : Some people have even attended my session without even owning a cell phone. Shhhh. It’s all inclusive, everybody is welcome, it will be FUN.
  5. My presentation is loaded with iPhoneography examples from beginning to end, a visual display, with NO boring PowerPoint 🙂
  6. Get inspired, motivated and passionate about this exciting medium, to use it in your business (or for personal expression)
  7. As I also work as an ARTIST, I’m here to show you some techniques, that you can then apply to your own industry and images.

Here’s what you will learn:

  1. Brenda’s top 10 apps for improving iPhone images
  2. How you can use Brenda’s top 10 basic elements of fine art and design tips to improve your photos
  3. How to correct (or use for artistic effect) blurry and lifeless, “blah” photos
  4. How to use your mobile phone to create art-based marketing on the fly, real time, and where to share your images online
  5. How to create eye-catching cell phone photos that are even more creative, dramatic and that ‘pop’


iPhone Photograph of wine glass and chocolate cake by brenda johimaI’ll see you there! Please do come and say HI! on June 8-9th in Victoria, B.C. Here’s all the details :

Social Media Camp 2012

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#Follow @JOHIMA on Twitter (for everything SEO, design, social media and online marketing)
#Follow @brendajohima on Twitter

Social Media Camp on Facebook
JOHIMA Social Media + Marketing on Facebook
Brenda Johima Creative on Facebook

P.S. I’d like to extend my gratitude to Chris Burdge and Paul Holmes for giving me this opportunity to speak, and connect for two days at a stellar conference, with some of the brightest and best speakers, thinkers, online marketers, social media experts and eager learners. It’s going to be a good time!

— Brenda Johima


Here’s a few examples 🙂


You’ve got an iPhone, now what? Why use it? How can you use it? What to use it for? What the heck did I get an iPhone for? … you might be asking yourself.

Here’s two reasons why. 1. Create ART. 2. Turn something plain, even boring, into stunning art. The other two reasons?

Have **FUN with Wildlife Warnings on Vancouver Island : 1. A black bear. 2. A cougar

(**actually these warnings are very serious … It’s the creating of  ART that is fun and a joy to me**)

**The very real wildlife warnings that you might see posted in parks on Vancouver Island are very REAL. Read them, listen to them, learn, believe the signs. If in doubt, don’t go out there. We do have cougar and black bear on the Island. I LOVE wildlife like most people, however, I will always listen to the warnings and heed any signs posted. Hope you do to. Respect the outdoors and those who live in it, wildlife.**

~ Brenda Johima ~

P.S. Find out more about iPhone photography at Social Media Camp!

Ohhh, now back to the creation of ART. This is an example of taking something fairly boring, a wildlife warning sign, and turning it into something stunning, a work of art, entirely ONLY with an iPhone 3G. Yes. There are a few tricks.

The main way that you create stunning art, in my opinion, is GO OUTDOORS IN NATURE. Nature is Art. If nothing else, it will inspire you to create better art in the city. Most people walk past these signs, which are white, fairly dull, nothing exciting. But if you SLOW DOWN enough to really SEE when you are out there with your camera, it’s amazing what you can SEE and create. Enjoy. These are two of my favorites now, in my iPhoneography collection.

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written Permission

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written


* Cougar is Number 36 of my 50 Photos 50 Years iPhone image project.

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written Permission

* Black Bear is Number 37 of my 50 Photos 50 Years iPhone image project.


I'm Speaking at Social Media Camp 2011Super Excited! It’s only days away!  What’s “it” ? Well, I posted about this in February, that I had been selected as a speaker for Social Media Camp 2011 in Victoria.

I’m considered “alumni” … having spoken at Social Media Camp 2010 as well, where my topic was “Small Towns, Big Ideas” and how Social Media can level the playing field for everyone in business, especially for those in small towns and for those who live rural.

For 2011 I’ve got a Super FUN topic! I’ve Got an iPhone, Now What? Photography apps and Sharing Images via Social Media”


Here’s the “official” blurb:

My Session Title: I’ve got an iPhone, now what? Photography Apps and Social Media for Sharing Images.

Session Extract😕 SHOW. Like. Trust. Images sell.

Almost everything online is sold and marketed using text content and/or images. iPhone and cell phone photography is growing at a rapid pace, not only as an artistic tool for creative expression, but as a viable tool to be used for business and marketing online via Social Media and image sharing. Brenda’s tool of choice is the iPhone 3G. Yes, the iPhone 3G. She has chosen to challenge herself by not upgrading to the new and shiny, bigger and faster is better, but to create stunning images using the 1st generation iPhone camera. There is no shutter speed or aperture, and Brenda knows that the most FUN and creativity come from living in the unknown and letting go of control.

What will you come away with? ( Oh my goodness, I hope you do 🙂 P.S. Here’s the speaking schedule in case you want to sign up for my session.

  • Learn tips and tricks on how you can improve your iPhone photography skills, using a few basic elements of fine art and design
  • Learn the basics of how to make images “pop” using a few of Brenda’s favorite photography and art apps.
  • Brenda will also share how, why and which brands are using iPhone photography, and why you too, can join in this super FUN and powerful way of working and sharing online
  • Learn where you can share your images online using social networks
  • Although the session is geared to iPhone photography, many of the points will be applicable to any cell phone photographer and everyone is welcome to attend whether you have an iPhone or not
  • Brenda will present images she has created that show how she used apps and her iPhone as an artistic tool
  • How you too, can tap into the FUN and joy of iPhone photography

So if you are at Social Media Camp 2011 please do come and say HI before or after my session, would LOVE to meet you in person and get connected on Twitter as well, if we are not already 🙂

You can follow these links for more information about Social Media Camp (website) … their FaceBook page and of course, you can follow them on Twitter as well. ( hashtag for Social Media Camp 2011 is #smcv11 )

Hope to see you there!
~ Brenda Johima ~

Now how the heck did I do this? ( * iPhone Photo Art )

Copyright 2011 Brenda Johima | Images May Not Be Used In Any Way Without Written Permission


Small Towns, Big Ideas. We all have dreams, no matter where we live.

Hi, I’m Brenda Johima and I’m thrilled to be here with you today. Thank you to Paul and to Chris and to all the amazing people who have worked so hard to make this event such a huge success.

Social Media has changed the world of work forever.

I am speaking to you today as a direct result of Social Media – Twitter, in fact. And Thanks to Paul Holmes!

Think of it, I’m not in the hub of a city, I live in a small rural community of about 700+ people, on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, and at this conference there are 400+ people I would not have met otherwise.

(In Fanny Bay *World Famous for Oysters, there are 700+ people, which is part of the larger Comox Valley, at about 64,000, with Comox at about 13,000, Courtenay at about 24,000, Cumberland at about 3100)

So what about small communities?

As a business owner living in a small rural community, one of the biggest issues can be isolation. The benefit of Social Media is that even though you may be geographically isolated, the “feeling” of isolation can be removed.

In addition, online communications can turn into offline connections, which is why we are all here today. (I must admit, I find it amusing and fascinating that we have moved from business face to face, to using computers to separate and isolate us in some ways, and now we are using computers to connect us again, face to face. It just goes to show that people want to be with people.)

As well, if you were to join an industry specific network online (such as design, in my case), it could turn into paid work as it has done for me. These networks can be a great source of *free education via supportive people. (*Although more and more, many are moving to closed membership networks, which have fees)

Through Social Media one can be exposed to local people you did not even know about.

For example, at this time, there are over 330 people on my Twitter list of locals in the Comox Valley. Many are business owners, some are not, but it tells me that at least this many people have at minimum, a curiosity about Social Media and that it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Another benefit of Social Media is that not only does it increase access to local business owners but to large city companies, for those of us who live rural.

While living in Fanny Bay, in the middle of *nowhere for example, I have received paid contracts with Toronto companies on more than one occasion, from both Twitter and my Blogs. (*Actually I’m not in the middle of nowhere, I’m at the southern end of the Comox Valley, which has a population of about 64,000 but which is made up of a number of smaller pocket communities such as Fanny Bay, which has just over 700+ people, and I’m about 30 minutes away from my banking and groceries)

It’s interesting that as I speak, going on right now in Victoria is the CIBC Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer. In 2008, 170,000 people from all across Canada walked and ran for breast cancer for the same run, wearing T-Shirts designed by JOHIMA Designs, from Fanny Bay. My point being, that Social Media (at that time, my blog) can bring big city business to small town business owners.

Visualize this:

Me in my pajamas next to the wood stove, hearing the sea lions barking in the background, while connecting online with people from Calgary, Vancouver, Texas, California, Montreal, Singapore and Italy.

(P.S. Yes, I do dress up fancy to go out 🙂and actually on most days while working at home, as it gives you that “edge” that pajamas just doesn’t give you)

Connecting with like-minded business owners in larger centres keeps me current and in the buzz.

So what is Social Media? Well, you have an entire day ahead, to learn from great thinkers in this field. I’m guessing you will hear over and over today, that it’s not about you … it’s all about the people. (Think Dale Carnegie)

It’s about building trust, being curious about others 1st before yourself, and it’s about building relationships with people both locally and globally. Nowadays you just never know where your next business is going to come from.

In the past, you had to pay for and attend networking events in person and now online for the most part, there are tools available to everyone, free of charge, and that is leveling out the playing field in business. Of course there are also Social Media tools, which are also only accessible by paying a fee. (Like Third Tribe)

Most people are uncomfortable in social situations and networking meetings. Some people are shy, anxious, and may never thrive in a network meeting, no matter how good they are at what they do. It’s like going to a party and you don’t know anyone, and you’re the wallflower trying to pretend you are comfortable.

Some people may have on their “show face” “performer” “sales training” public persona. However, often, deep down, you’re uncomfortable, and then you are supposed to make money at the same time?

Social Media can level the playing field, kind of like a certain reality show on TV. Have you ever watched the show? In that show, people meet in a dark room without seeing each other. They get to know each other via communications, what you believe, what you say, rather than by your physical appearance, image, and public persona. This, like with Social Media, levels the playing field.

Online, you can’t hide who you are. In face-to-face meetings if you are good at performing and sales, you can very easily hide who you are very easily at a 1X per month networking meeting. Just put on your public performing persona. (PPP)

Online, the focus is on transparency, honesty and integrity. People expect it now. People expect transparency and Social Media exposes who you are, how you think, how you write (including spelling and grammar), what you believe, your interests, your style of humor. You are communicating constantly, while building relationships.

For example, when working online, I can pick up:

  • The tone and “feel of who you are
  • What you think
  • How you think
  • Your writing and thinking style
  • Your sense of humor
  • I can find out your level of creativity and interestingness
  • I will get a strong gut feeling if you are fake or spammy and for that we have … delete, unfollow, unfriend and block (which nobody wants to be on the other side of)
  • Social Media is a great way to practice your intuition and to trust your gut.

Now what about online competition? In my opinion online is no different than offline. If you are truly being who you are, there is nobody like you, so therefore you have no competition.

So if you fear your competition … the good news is, if you put more of your energy and focus on yourself, your talents, your business, and on what you are good at online, instead of comparing yourself to colleagues you have no competition. Nobody is like you, no one can do what you do, or in just the way you do it.

Here’s some more newsyou don’t get to choose, no matter what you think. Your customers and clients choose whether they are going to hire you or not. So stop competing and let’s move to a model of collaboration so there is a win-win for all.

And how can you make a difference? Think before you Tweet.

With everything you write, every photograph and video that you post, you have a choice … to be kind and respectful, a chance to praise, motivate, encourage and inspire.

It reflects upon who you are, makes you feel good, lowers stress, and develops trust. People buy from people we trust and like.

So here’s a tip from my past career in the helping professions. Use these:

Compliment, Good For You, Praise, Encourage, Motivate, Inspire, and Use your Intuition to take the time to look for opportunities where someone has achieved a success, and take the time to Congratulate. Or give a RT with a comment. Just do it. The world of business needs more kindness.

In fact, I dare you to compliment one of your colleagues who you currently view as a threat or competition (as long as it is genuine and done with integrity) After all, we are all just people on this planet trying to have a happy and successful life.

Let’s make it easier for each other, and make kindness Public, Online in Business.

In closing, thank you for listening, and I leave you with three final points:

1.    I contacted Seth Godin awhile back and asked one question: Is there a difference between marketing to small towns vs. marketing to big cities? His answer? People are people. Yes, humans are humans.
2.    Recently I contacted Becky McCray, an authority on small towns and rural entrepreneur using Social Media, and she gave me this quote to share with you today: “Remember that your small town roots, your friendliness, openness, honesty, caring, and your cooperative spirit will serve you well online.”
3.    And three, Be Kind, and Have FUN! That’s what this is all about.

Enjoy your day, thank you for listening, and I’m Brenda Johima.


P.S. If you are in the Comox Valley, watch for the FIRST EVER Comox Valley TweetUp! With huge thanks to Paul Holmes, Chris Burdge, Janis Lacouvee and Don Power from Social Media Camp 2010 in Victoria who have generously offered (depending on their schedule of availability of course) … to attend and to help me (and locals) get a TweetUp started in the Comox Valley.

I’m Speaking At Social Media Camp in Victoria!

On September 21, 2010, in Social Media Camp, by brendajohima

I’m speaking at Social Media Camp in Victoria! And here’s the blurb (*Visit the Conference Website by Clicking on the Graphic Below):

Brenda Johima is Speaking at Social Media Camp!

My Topic: Small Towns Big Ideas

Business owners in small communities can greatly benefit from the power of social media in order to:

  • remove isolation
  • even out the playing field in business
  • move to a model of collaboration vs. competition
  • increase access to both small town (local) business owners and large city companies
  • build relationships with business owners
  • make a difference
  • have FUN during the business day especially with Twitter!

Brenda will provide at least one example of one small town person gone big, with huge help from social media.

Biography: Since 2002 Brenda Johima has been operating her home based business, JOHIMA Designs, which provides graphic design for print and web. In order to provide clients with a one-stop shop for success, she also jumped into SEO, Internet Marketing, and now Social Media.

Brenda Johima also wears many other arts hats while working in a small town and that may confuse those who look for a “one-niche” market, however success in small towns requires creativity, dreaming big and holding to that vision, and often doing more than one thing.

Brenda’s Twitter profile says it all; a Multi-Talented-Creative-Type, Designer, Visual Artist, Photographer: phoDOGrapher: Creativity Consultant for Business.

Although confusing to some, it’s crystal clear (and funny) to Brenda that in order to be truly be happy, business also means doing what you love (even if there’s a lot of them).

Brenda is also “officially” launching phoDOGraphy this fall of 2010, specializing in Dog Photography and Puppy Photos.

Where to find me online? Let’s Connect 🙂

Facebook: phoDOGraphy
Twitter: @brendajohima
Flickr: Brenda Johima on Flickr
LinkedIn: JOHIMA Designs

As a Creative, I don’t believe in “one-niche” marketing anymore (actually I never did). I believe we are much bigger, and we are much more complex, especially if you are the creative-type. Also, there is a shift in small business marketing, and I believe in all marketing, where more and more, people are having to, or choosing to, wear more hats, in business and in the workplace. This is a result in part, due to the recent changes in the economy, but also in part, as a choice to be happier in life and in work.

So, in walking my talk, here are My Other Websites. Here’s What Else I Do:

JOHIMA Designs: Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media
Brenda Johima phoDOGraphy: Dog Photography and Puppy Photos
Creative NUDGE: Creativity Consulting for Business
Happy No Matter What: U Can B Happy No Matter What (Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain)

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