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On September 20, 2012, in Writings, by brendajohima

Hey! I just created a new blog that will be dedicated to only my writing. The first blog post is now online! I’d be thrilled if you would read … Xena the Poodle Puppy and the Homeless Man

Please join me in … Thinking About More Things. (Brenda Johima Writes)

I’ll still put blog posts to share my photography, art and iPhoneography on this website right here, and this is still my main “hub” for most of my creative work … AND … I’m excited to have a second creative blog that will focus on only writing.


Brenda Johima Writes : Thinking About More Things



If I Had A Cape

On May 19, 2012, in Cartoons, Creative Writing, Writings, by brendajohima

If I Had A Cape … I might fly like the wind, I might grab my cape and fly through blue skies filled with white puffy cotton ball clouds, gargantugiantus (made up word) clouds that are soft and comforting, embracing me into a lovely nap of creativity, then POOF! I wake up and say … OK, who would I like to be today? Let’s try on a new hat, see what we feel and see. Then tomorrow, my cape and I, onto another adventure, into yet another new being. Each day, I am anew, again and again and again. —Brenda Johima

**P.S. Just for FUN I did a rough sketch to go with this my cape writing. What are you doing to put your creativity out there, perfect or not? Just. For. FUN.

If I Had A Cape cartoon by Brenda Johima

If I Had A Cape

By Brenda Johima Not-So-Perfect-Cartoons

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The Depth To Which I Can Write …

On February 11, 2012, in Quotes, Writings, by brendajohima

The. Depth. To. Which. I. Can. Write. Is. Equal. To. The. Depth. To. Which. I. Can. Feel. Deeply.

~brenda johima~

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