Here are some things to think about while on Twitter and how you can make a difference. Here’s a few of my Social Media (Twitter) Tips:

  • Think before you Tweet.
  • Know that you do make a difference. Realize that impact and make it a positive one. You just might make someone’s day or change their life. Really. Words are powerful when attached to real emotion and genuine caring.
  • With everything you write, every photograph, video and link that you post, you have a choice … to be kind and respectful, a chance to praise, motivate, encourage and inspire. What you post does reflect on who you are as an individual, and your brand. Take the high road.
  • What you post reflects upon who you are and affects how you feel. Choose to feel good, lower stress, and develop trust.
  • In business, people buy from people we trust and like. (Listen to Scott Stratten and read almost any successful sales and marketing book)

* I live on Vancouver Island, and these geese flew by my home … so think Canada Geese in a “V” … They work together.

Here’s a few tips from my past career in the helping professions. Use these:

  • Compliment, Good For You, Praise, Encourage, Motivate, Inspire
  • Use your Intuition to take the time to look for opportunities where someone has achieved a success … and tell them.
  • Then Take The Time to Congratulate in public, online (not via DM or private message, congratulate in public)
  • On Twitter, Give a RT with a comment. Just do it.
  • The world of business needs more kindness. Just do it.
  • In fact, I dare you to compliment one of your colleagues who you currently view as a threat or competition (as long as it is genuine and done with integrity) After all, we are all just people on this planet, full of perfection and imperfections, trying to have a happy and successful life.
  • Be curious about others first. (Think Dale Carnegie)

Let’s make it easier for each other, and make Kindness Public, Online in Business.

~ Brenda Johima ~

* This is a snippet from a much longer post and you can read it right here 🙂

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