You don’t have to travel far to be creative with photography. iPhone photography, in fact, is one of the best ways to create art, through use of  imagery that surrounds us every day, if we simply slow down enough to look for it, and see it as art.

Here are a few examples of subject matter and every day objects, chosen from my backyard, my garden, the beach nearby and a playground (all photos were taken with an iPhone 3G and post-processed in-camera, meaning, no Photoshop):

(In my back yard)

(My firewood, a wood pile in the carport)

(A maple leaf gone wild, on the trail near my home where I walk nearly every day)

(A thing-i-ma-jiggy my garden in the yard)

(A creative image capture of the slide at the playground in my neighbourhood)

(A close up taken from a piece of playground equipment nearby)

(My own running shoes are often my subject matter, this time, right at the water’s edge at the ocean, minutes from my home)

(Old boots in the Wacky Woods, just minutes down the trail from my home)

(Rocks in the yard in my garden)

I hope I have inspired you to get outdoors, look around, even just in your own yard.

Look high, look low, look over, in and around things. Be like a child, explore every nook and cranny … and also on different days, in all types of weather. An image today, will not be the same image tomorrow, in different weather and light.

And if you see something you like, capture it right now, for in photography, you have only one moment, and the moment is now. It might not be there tomorrow, in quite the same way. In fact, it likely will not … if you are outdoors, dealing with our friends, light, and weather, they change faster than you can blink and say “click.”

Do it. You will be fascinated by what you can find, and SEE, if you simply BE.

~ Brenda Johima ~

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4 Responses to “You Don’t Have to Travel Far To Be Creative as A Photographer”

  1. Ben Ziegler says:

    Beautiful photos Brenda, and local too! It makes me want to go out and buy an iPhone or at least slow down and look. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you SO much Ben, for taking the time to look at my photographs, and to post a comment. I really do love doing this. An iPhone is my choice at the moment, in my creative process, but you can use any camera to take great photographs. A big DSLR with all the fancy lenses is also very fun, and produces superb quality, however, I think photography has gone too far in scaring the public off, into thinking that they must have this gear to succeed.

    I LOVE the iPhone because you have LESS control (at least with the 3G), kind of like living in the unknown, or surrendering control, and it also forces the photographer to focus on what we learned in fine art school … the basics, like line, composition, form, negative space etc.

    Use any camera, is the trick. The point is just to get out, and to take pictures, and enjoy the JOY of the creative process. And yes, slow down (helps to live rural LOL!) and see)
    … I LOVE it! Have a great day Ben!

    ~ Brenda Johima ~

  3. Marilyn Davison says:

    Brenda, these are absolutely gorgeous; I’ve just posted a photo of our balcony almost permaculturally grown cauliflower and realize I could have done a much better job with the gorgeous green swirls of the cauliflower (too late we ate it); but realize too that I should better utilize my iphone camera,curious about which camera ap you use. Your sense and capture of colors is magnificant, love the shoes and water, great design and also one can almost smell the sea and remember walks along the water. Thank you

  4. admin says:

    Thank you, thank you, Marilyn, how very kind of you. “Gorgeous” is a fantastic compliment, and I appreciate how specific you are in your feedback. Much appreciated. Which app? Stay tuned on my blog for some info. on how I do, what I do, and some upcoming workshops 🙂

    Regarding your photo, I would LOVE to see it. Where is the photo online? Is there a link?

    Take good care, and thanks for spreading kindness online via positive feedback and for taking the time to contact me directly. Oh yes, and thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you come back again 🙂
    ~Brenda Johima ~

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